How to Teach Dogs the Wait Command?

The wait command is one of the most important commands among the basic obedience commands. I think that this command, which you can ensure the safety of the dog, should be one of the first commands that should be taught to the dog. Your dog should temporarily remain motionless while on the wait command and maintain his or her standing still position until he is allowed again.

How to Teach the Wait Command;

Put on your dog’s leash and get in front of a closed door. Seat your dog next to you with the sit command and give the wait command. Open the door gently and try not to let it move. If he moves, close the door to return him to his former position. Have it stay on the wait command for a while and slowly walk through the door. To disrupt your dog’s wait command, call him to your side by saying “come”, love him a lot, and reward him abundantly. Do plenty of repetitions, increasing the waiting time. As a visual command for the wait command, you can hold the five fingers of your hand upright against your dog. When you believe that your dog has begun to safely carry out the command, you can reinforce it by repeating the command abundantly without a leash. The basic logic is still the same, your dog should not move in response to your verbal warning of “Wait”, let’s move, but it should not break its position, in the simplest terms.” Sit”” followed by a nice command “”Wait”. Once you’ve sat him down, of course we’ve given him his reward, you can take a few steps away by saying wait, if he tries to move, you can distract him by saying “Wait”, but it’s best to start walking away with distances less than one step and reward every wait. I believe that you can provide training in a short time in this way.

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