How to Teach Dogs the Lie Down Command

Teaching the yacht command to your dog will give you a foundation for teaching higher-level commands in the future. In addition, thanks to this command, the leadership you will establish on your dog will be stronger. Because your dog is more vulnerable when he is lying down and you will be higher than him, you will play a dominant role on your dog.

Teaching the Lie Command

When teaching your dog the “Lie Down” command, you should start with a simpler one for your dog and then gradually make it difficult to function. Of course, when you start training, choose an environment that your dog is familiar with and where there are no distractions.


Take a food your dog likes in your hand and hold it a few inches away from your dog’s nose. Move your hand towards the ground. Your dog will move into a lying position. Give your dog food as soon as he gets into a lying position, love him verbally and physically. Repeat the same things for short periods. Your dog will gradually build the relationship, and you can now add the verbal command. What you need to remember is that you only have to use one word. You need to say the verbal command when your hand starts to move it downwards. So, after saying “Lie down”, move your hand down, giving your dog his reward when he gets into a lying position. It’s that simple… The goal here is to get your dog to get into a lying position with only the verbal command. Continue the repetitions in short periods until you achieve this.


Put on your dog the leash. Stand next to him facing the same direction. Because you will put your dog in a lying position. As soon as you say the “lie down”” command verbally, bend over your dog’s side, gently pull him down by the leash, and gently press down on your dog’s shoulders and buttocks with your other hand. He will move your dog into a lying position. At that moment, give him his reward and love him. You should have taught at least three commands, such as come, sit, wait, etc., before you taught this command, and teaching a dog a new acquaintance the “Lie Down” command may not be a healthy start. You have to do a lot of repetitions so that your dog only responds verbally to the command. Remember, dog training means repetition and timing. There’s nothing you can’t teach your dog through repetition. Once your dog has learned the “Lie Down” command, continue training on other levels that will make him more challenging and distracting.

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