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How to Teach Dogs the Come Command?

The “come” command is one of the most important commands you should teach your dog during basic obedience training, in fact, during the entire dog training process. Every dog, regardless of your dog’s age, needs to learn the come command. Because in this way, you will protect your dog from dangers that he cannot understand….

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How to Teach Dogs the Word No!

When incorporating a dog into our lives, there is no doubt that we all make this decision by wanting to have a smooth and loving relationship with us. For this purpose, from the first moment our puppy comes home, do not bite us “No”. “No”” stay away from the couch, “No”” don’t approach the trash…

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20 Things Dogs Don’t Like Most

What Are Dogs Not Favorite About? In fact, there are many things that dogs don’t like, and while some of them may disappear over time, the number of things that some dogs don’t like may increase. Education, socialization, interest of family members, environmental factors and many other factors are effective in decreasing or increasing the…

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