How to Teach Dogs the Come Command?

The “come” command is one of the most important commands you should teach your dog during basic obedience training, in fact, during the entire dog training process. Every dog, regardless of your dog’s age, needs to learn the come command. Because in this way, you will protect your dog from dangers that he cannot understand. The “come” command will not only protect your dog from outside dangers, but in most cases will give him freedom. For example, you will go for a walk with your dog. If your dog obeys your command to “Come”, you can release him very comfortably and he will be able to explore on his own. Because you know that when something dangerous or undesirable happens, you will call your dog and he will come to you immediately. This will give you the feeling that your dog is safe and your dog the freedom. Compared to other commands, your main goal with the “Come” command should be to have your dog obey the command as soon as he hears you. No matter where you are or what kind of situation you are in… Your dog should respond immediately to the command “Come”. In fact, it’s not that easy for your dog to respond to a command in this way. This job really requires a lot of work.

Why doesn’t this dog come?

Your dog naturally won’t know what he means when you say “Come” to him, and he simply can’t understand what you want from him. Maybe your dog didn’t obey your “Come” command in the past, and you didn’t do what you needed to do correctly. Maybe your dog finds it more attractive to run around and socialize than just to come near you. Or in the past, your dog obeyed your “Come” command, but you punished him for doing so. How? For example, you called your dog because you want him to go into the cage. And my stranger came when you called him, but what did you do, instead of rewarding him, you locked him in a cage or “Come, Come…”” You tore it up, and now that you have it in your hands, you have treated it badly, you have been angry. That’s where your “Come” ends, so be careful. Always tolerance.

When teaching the command “come””

Definitely, under no circumstances should you call your dog to your side and punish him. So if you’re going to punish your dog, don’t use the “Come” command to get him to come with you. You have to make your dog more attractive to you than anything else. Never walk your dog outside on a leash without a good command to “Come”. The command “Come” should be a command that your dog longs to hear, just as a person feels a sincerity to the phrase “”Money is being distributed”, so it should be for your dog, it should end well… There should be a reward at the end that is worth your dog coming to you… Don’t forget to incorporate the “Come”” command into your daily activities. Use the “Come” command when you give him his food, when you want to love him, or when you want to give him a reward. If you’re teaching the “come” command without a leash and your dog doesn’t listen to you and leaves, don’t run after him, wait for him to come. Don’t punish him when he comes, try your training process all over again, but this time it’s on a leash… Never call your dog when you know he won’t come to you no matter what you do. Because we don’t want your dog to think he has the luxury of not coming when you call him. As with all dog training and basic obedience training, start with the easy, get used to this command when it comes to you spontaneously, and move on to the next after you have completely completed one stage.

How Do We Do It?

Puppies are happy to move around you, and they do this often. Use this to your advantage. In these early stages, all you need to do is make it clear to your puppy that you’re happy every time he comes near you.

The next stage is to introduce your dog to your audible command “Come”. Start with the training when there are no distractions in the house. Call out to your dog in a clear and affectionate tone (Example: Gel Zoo). If you need to, you can pick up food or anything she likes and shake it at her. As soon as your dog comes to you, reward him. Repeat this many times until you think your dog really understands the command.

If you have someone with you to help you, stand somewhere in the room or in the garden and take your friend in front of you, leaving a space between you as long as a few meters of space allows. First, call your dog “Come (his name)” and reward him immediately when he comes to you. Then have your friend call your dog in the same way and reward him when he’s gone again. This game is a lot of fun for dogs and is a great way to teach them the command. This way, your dog will get used to not only your command, but also other people’s commands to come. By adding hide-and-seek to this game, of course, you can have more fun later on. You go to another room and call your dog the same way and let your dog find you. Most dogs love this game.

Now you and your dog are confident. You can increase the difficulty level. Try the “Come”” command in more distractions. Go outside, go to a park, go to a place where there are people or other dogs… Put on your dog’s leash and while walking, stop and start walking back and forth and call your dog. Of course, reward him when he comes.

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