How to Teach Dogs the Drop Command

Training your dog to let go is teaching him to let go of whatever is in his mouth with the “Let go” command. It is very important that you teach your dog to let go. It allows you to protect him when he takes something dangerous for him in his mouth, but also allows you to play games with him safely. It takes a few minutes to teach most dogs the “Let go” command. But some dogs can be easily distracted, so it’s necessary to be patient and persistent. The basis of this training is also trading with your dog.


Give your dog toys or something to bite. Bring a favorite food close to his nose by saying a firm “Drop it” while he is in his mouth. Give the reward to your dog as soon as he puts down the toy. If your dog doesn’t let go of the toy, shake the treat or move it a little closer to his nose, don’t try to pull the toy out of his mouth or force it open. This may give him the wrong message. Repeat these steps several times until your dog starts to react well. After a while, try to keep the reward further away. Then try the command without reward, and if the dog obeys your command, love it. If your dog becomes overly enthusiastic or obsessed with rewards, take a break from training and start again after a while. If your dog has learned the release command, try it at any time when a random object is in his mouth. At first, our dog will gain the awareness that he will receive a reward for the correct behavior (letting go of what is in his mouth} against the “Leave”” command, and he should continue like this until the training is over. Later, with the words of compliment and the love you have by touch, there will be a sense of obedience to you, so he will understand this even if he is not rewarded.

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