Urinary System Diseases in Cats

In general, if your cat is pushing her penis out for non-sexual reasons, this could indicate a problem with her urinary tract. In these cases it is possible to observe other symptoms, such as excessive licking of the genital area , abdominal pain, pain when urinating, and an effect on the frequency and amount of urine produced. Cats with a urinary tract infection urinate more often throughout the day, but produce less urine each time.

In some cases, a cat with a urinary tract infection may not urinate at all. You can see a cat that can’t urinate go to its box and try to urinate unsuccessfully. In such cases, they can sometimes even make sounds from pain. Other times they may not be able to hold urine and may urinate outside their litter box. Sometimes it’s possible to face more dangerous consequences, and if blood is found in your cat’s urine, known as hematuria, you will need to take your cat to your vet.

Other symptoms of a feline urinary tract infection may include:





Due to conditions such as discomfort and agitation of the urinary tract, you may see your cat lick by pushing them out to gain better access to their genitals. The reason for licking can be a way to provide relief from their unhappiness.

If you witness these symptoms, you should definitely take your cat to your veterinarian. In the case of delaying doing this, your pet’s health may worsen and he may be subject to more discomfort. A cat that doesn’t urinate for 24 hours can go into shock and be damaged in ways that are difficult to repair, and sometimes even impossible. Treatment for this condition will depend on the cause, but will require antibiotics if it comes to a bacterial infection. The cat may need supportive treatment, such as fluid therapy, in case of possible dehydration.

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