Do Neutered Male Cats Get an Erection?

Before we discuss why a male cat sticks out and licks his penis, we need to know why his penis is exposed. In a non-neutered male cat, the reasons can be quite obvious.

Non-neutered male cats

If your cat is not neutered and is healthy, her sex drive will remain intact. But as we get older, these urges may subside. It’s natural for young cats to have a high sex drive. These cats, in particular, will show their urges when they see a female cat in an escalation.

When a cat has an erection, its penis will emerge through its hair. The penis organs are not covered with hair and are colored red. This is why it’s unlikely that a cat will lick its penis.

In the tissue of cat penises there are penile spines. These spines are thought to stimulate the female cat’s vagina for ovulation. This is a natural part of cat mating, but sometimes this can be more uncomfortable for the female than stimulation. The difference between normal penile spines and abnormal spine growths is effective at this point. The amount of thorns is associated with hormone levels.

Neutered Male Cats

The idea that neutered male cats cannot achieve an erection is a big misconception. If a male cat has been castrated, his testicles have been removed. But their penis is still functioning normally. Blood can still be pumped to this area, which means that a cat can still physically get an erection. Castration affects the sex drive of a cat. This is one of the main reasons for the procedure, as it prevents unwanted pregnancies and stabilizes their behavior.

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