Adult Cats and Genitals

Sometimes a medical condition can cause adult cats to pay extra attention to their external genitals.┬áMale cats have parts such as the penis, testicles, and foreskin (the skin fold that covers the penis), while a female cat’s external genitals are the vulvar folds on their bodies.

There are many reasons why cats lick their genitals. Disorders of the foreskin, penis, and testicles are among the rare possibilities, and there aren’t many specific diseases that involve cats’ external genitals. In male cats, however, being busy grooming the penis can sometimes signal a problem with urination. For example; A urethral plug can form at the tip of the penis, leading to urethral obstruction. In this case, the blockage must be removed so that the cat can urinate easily. Urethral obstruction is a life-threatening condition for cats. Taking into account the symptoms is of great importance in this process.

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